Father Böjte Csaba's thoughts on the dawn of a New Year…

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b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Szep_Termeszet_16176073_148838045615426_390474100_n.jpegI admire our Lord Jesus Christ the way He comes down to earth and takes matters into His own hands. He does not send anybody else. So that while sitting on His heavenly throne with tired cynicism, He contemplates and comments on the struggles of mankind. He came among us and went against the tide of the world as it was then, the aggressive, greedy, lazy, pleasure-seeking idleness . He is looking for a way, He builds, He gathers companions, teaches them to be still, to turn inwards to pray, to discover the dreams that the heavenly Father engraved in our hearts and minds according to our desires.

Day after day He sets out, touring, traveling across His homeland , bravely, openly He speaks with the people, listens to them, consoles, encourages, helps them. No question and no problem is an obstacle for Him. He takes them in His stride, He accepts and solves them.
The beheading of Saint John the Baptist, a set back or more, does not make Him lame, He does not sit aside sulking but proceeds on the way of love with steadfast endurance. He does not collect treasures, a fortune, is free from political alliance, He flies freely, believing that His goodness, love will move the whole world! In one word Jesus lives, creates, loves and forges ahead! In itself just for this active, dynamic life, I stand by the side of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is so appalling to see, how many people are only willing to move for their own pathetic amusement. They are only are willing to live for keeping up their own small-minded existence, for themselves and many only even do this reluctantly ….I would so much like to shake these people up to make them realize how they are squandering away their one and only precious lives. 
How could people be moved from the selfish constraints of their timid, toddling about on the spot lives, those who became embittered? To free them for a real existence in a wonderful world of love and creation? How could I tell them clearly, show them that pure joy that the man embarking, even if stumbling, on the way of love can experience ?
It may be exciting sitting in front of a computer driving a car, going around the simulation of hairpin bends but how much more exciting would it be to take your family in a car bought by the fruits of your hard labour and to show the beautiful fabulous region of your childhood. It is possible to be embittered clipped winged into hopelessness and to chastise this world. But how much better it would be to sit down and compose poetry? 
A thought that like a warm breeze would give the momentum to your fellow human being’s sail flopping in despair and gets them going on the huge ocean of reality. It is good to feel in the little seed the bursting will to live and to put that gently into good soil, with the humility of loving service to water it. It is good to be able to hear a young child’s unsaid complaint and by establishing a home, an institution, an establishment, a kindergarten, a child protection centre to provide an answer to this silent desire to unfold. It is good like an invisible angel to flit across this world and stopping quietly here and there to serve life, to love the God of creation. It is great to live and create! If God Himself would say there is no afterlife and nobody keeps an account of a glass of water, a good word, the tenderness with which one bends down to the other, the work one does for others I would still continue on this road because it is good to share the joy of being with your fellow human beings. It is great to build a sandcastle, a church made out of bricks for God and a home for people. It is good to plough the earth and plant colourful flowers, huge trees just so that there are there and with their existence they can testify about life blossoming out and the infinite love of God who is never idle towards us. Is it worth it ?
You are building, beautifying the world and without noticing it you are developing yourself, tilling the earth not only makes it more habitable but making yourself more receptive as well. From the bricks born out of the fire of the love of your everyday not only is there a house built, out in the world, a home for your family but also within yourself you become a responsible adult who gives life. It is wonderful to give life, give birth to a child, to raise that child with honesty, with patience until he finds himself then with prayer and love paving his way all along and with a mature head to cleanse yourself in the pure water that gushes from the well dug by you. You dug the well but you did not create its life-giving pure water, something is created by you that is not you, that gives life to many and in the reflection of it you finally sees your real beautiful face . Of course it is worth to become the partner of the Creator and by this you find fulfillment in the world. To grow up from nothing into infinity, to become a huge tree and during the scorching summers by the thousands of your ripe seeds becoming a forest. Every single minute, hour that God kindly granted you and that you do not make good use of, that you spend idling your time away, feeling sorry for yourself, fruitless joking, making no headway is a lost opportunity never to return.  I feel sorry for you from my heart , for aiming for years but never daring to pull the trigger or take the plunge. Yes I pity you who collects such intellectual, spiritual , materialistic power from which there will never be poetry, love, home, homeland that will only turn your life into a dusty storeroom, warehouse and you will become a trembling nightwatchman with dark circles under your eyes, afraid of burglars, guarding your useless junk. Who are you? A wingless eagle, amongst the hens scratching about in the dust?
I am not angry with you, I only pity you like the wanderer who foolishly stops, parched with thirst beside the life-giving well . Life is exciting, interesting and the song should not gush out from your heart because by this you can become the star of bored people, but because it is good to sing , to become the partner of the early rising lark who wakes up the dawn with its song and the wanderer as well .
It is good to create, to seize a movement on canvas, a slope of a land that only you can sense and whatever only you can see, with your creative work and humbly, make it visible to the whole world. 
I am a servant of the God in motion. And like a running child in the play of your childhood, I would like to touch you with a life-giving caress so that you will have a life and you will also swing into action and dare to have dreams turning inwards, looking for companions bravely to accomplish them. 
To experience how wonderful it is to be a companion of your Creator who instilled the pure beautiful desires into you for the further creation of the world.
Christ, was God’s realistic answer for mankind’s millennial Advent. Jesus’ existence is the eternal answer, not only for all the many whys & hows, but for your fundamental eternal questions as well. The living faith, the hope giving us strength are in peril. Naturally,  newer & newer political and economic crises come into life.