b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Szent_Szent_helyek_feketeakereszt.jpgLove , gentleness , goodness , patience can build a bridge  across two worlds , trust gives rise to trust , friendship to friendliness . If we step instinctively on Christ's way , who, even though is the great God who created this world , on the night of Christmas came among us infinitely gently , as a defenceless Child ! That burning love felt towards us , made our Lord Jesus Christ small, weak, vulnerable and not only on the night of Christmas but for ever ! Our only hope God kind-hearted gentleness ! That gentleness , that infinite love , that made the great, powerful God into a vulnerable child snuggling up to us ! Strength in the weakness , greatness in the vulnerable smallness ! Wonderful !!
We should not just admire our Master’s gentle patience with which He is approaching us but we should also be each other’s kind hearted lesser brothers ! Lets not live in our own little enclosed world , passing judgement , wounding others , but lets approach each other with this with this christlike gentleness trying to bring out the goodness , the saint from each other . Love gives birth to love and it also brings to the surface from us who love , and from our companions whom we love that we could not have even dreamt about ! Love leads us to the land of miracles , that produces such joy that takes us up to the Kingdom of Heaven !!!
Love is the only force  that can open such new vistas not only in the life of mankind but even in my own everyday as well ! I often said to my children that the christlike love is a real magic wand , that if we take it into our hands following the example of our Master , and if we use it with His kindhearted spirituality it will make miracles happen in our lives !
I was thinking , how different  our world  would be, if we would try to approach each other with such kindhearted goodness trying to bring peace !
With love , 
Father Csaba 
translated by dr k.e.