b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Szent_Szent_helyek_143860890_1892590727571431_1391828354760672150_o.jpgHe paid a greater price for us than I. Ever since then I realise that He is the good shepherd , and I am the puli,  “the sheepdog”. 
If He paid the price here on earth , then He is the Master. Jesus could not really have done more than dying for us on the cross , without turning His back  on us for ever  .He could not have done more ,
There is no morning , that God would not to urge us to do something good, beautiful, when we get up , there is no such evil deed after which we would not have pangs of conscience : go, make peace , ask for forgiveness , start again !
Our conscience is God’s word within us , and God is never asleep within us . 
There is no such little village tucked away in the back of beyond , that  down and out person  in whose heart God would not be present . The same way as on the dawn of Easter He did not give up , the same way there is no such an unfortunate person , in whose heart He would not look for a way out to move on, solutions for the miseries in which that person finds himself .
This not only works in the heart of certain people , but in the life of mankind as well. 
I believe that He always has an “ace” up His sleeve , that He uses if the problems are great . I am convinced , that He will take care , move the world further on .
Father Csaba
translated by dr k.e.