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b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Csaba_levelek_Vegyes_49620907_2066231603452447_1896704970057580544_n.jpgA few years ago around Easter time I was at a slum district near Déva. We took gifts for the poor ! A young man came up to me and asked me to bless his house. He was youngster aged between 16-17 years , I even asked him did the house belong to his parents . He proudly answered “no” , this one was built by him. In this area there were around 30-40 such small huts: this boy also collected the stones , pieces of bricks and built a tiny house . From the outside it looked ramshackle , but on the inside the walls were nicely smoothed down , and on one of them with blue letters a “scribbled” writing saying: “Welcome my darling wife ! “ I looked at him with widely opened eyes , then he told me that during the night his tiny daughter was born . The day after tomorrow he is going to the hospital to bring them home into their little house .

God would like us to live,  to construct , to create ! The evil spirit on the other hand would like us to stop , “throw in the towel “, give up your dreams ! It is suggesting that you would not be capable of finishing the task . Why struggle, why would you build a house, , why would you start a family , why would you accept a child ? It is a real hassle , difficult , too much trouble. The evil spirit would like me, you to believe that , that is the end of it. Again and again you have to choose everyday who to listen to ! I looked at this young man who created a home with his bare hands out of the ground. Because he knows that a man’s duty is to create a nest for the one he loves . The same way as the hare, the stork, the swallow takes care of its partner , the same way man should also posses this instinct . I was looking at this man and I was praying that how good it would be if the rich young men of the big cities could also learn this mentality .
Not to give a 100 euros for a surgical procedure , but decide by life , accept the gift of a child , start a family, create a home .
May the sky be the limit , try not to give up our dreams ! Jesus brought fire among us and He wants the kindle the fame in you as well ! Everybody has got their own problems : perhaps you have a lot to study , it may seem that you have no chance .
But this is not true, God gave everybody a chance , opportunity . Make use of it , take advantage of it. 
Father Csaba
translated by dr k.e.