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b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Szep_Mualkotas_82175938_2746464635429137_6677108440722046976_o.jpgImmediate euthanesia - when we want to be freed from a life that became a burden , unnecessary , superfluous and using some  form of medical intervention , medication is unacceptable ! 

Even in cases like this the provisions for human dignity is necessary : breathing, provision of fluids, food should be given to the sick as long as it does not make their suffering worse . 
The thought of immediate euthanasia is accepted and advocated by people , for whom suffering , an unproductive life is not acceptable. It maybe that in theory they want to do good , but in practice they rob the person of an opportunity to make right their relationship with God and their fellow human beings , to become purified . 
The other problem that I can see that because of the lack of genuine , family commitments they have nobody to rely on . Going back in time in a large family it was never questionable , if somebody needed help -be it when giving birth , or by the side of a sick bed -there was always someone who was willing to help.
Selfishness , just searching for our own success , the view of “I just lay a table for myself “ people become more and more lonely and under these conditions that rather choose death than relying of the support of their loving children families , to bear the trials, ordeals  with dignity . 
If euthanasia becomes acceptable the sick person may also be placed under pressure that sooner rather than later they have to say “yes” for their own murder, as they they become more of a burden for their families and for society. If we make allowances in this way we are stepping on a slippery slope, where one can no longer stop . 
Father Csaba 
translated by dr k.e.