b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Szent_Kozosegek_kereszttovis.jpg"The days will come ….” Matthew 9, 14
We think that we have time always for everything ! However everything has its time under the sun , and we are not masters of this time but just simple travellers! The passing, marching on of time has its own laws , routes it does not go here or there at the time you want , but as our Creator sees it fit! The train is going on, making headways but not according your heart’s desire , you cannot get on or off it just where , it pleases you but only where  it goes to and where it stops !! There is a travelling time between two stations and if you want to reach your destination you have to pay attention !! At school as well, when you write a test , there is its day and hour , but only and during the time allocated for it can you write down your answers , that the teacher will accept !! If you are punctual then your work will be recognised , once the match has been called off , you  would be running in vain and kicking a goal into the empty goal post you would only be ridiculous !! Time is marching on , in its own way,  you do not decide at the end of winter its time to prune the vines of grape,  the days will come regardless whether you have  pruned the grapes or not the circulation of the sap independent of  your will, will begin  and if you do the pruning too late then you’ll cause damage . despite your good intentions you can even kill it ! A wise man uses every moment of the time given to him by our Creator for the purpose it was intended for ! The holy time of Lent should be also be  used wisely,  humbly , we have to know that we are not lords, masters of the time but only its travellers ! 
Father Csaba 
translated by dr k.e.