WHY ???

b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Csaba_levelek_Vegyes_244023424_2096388893858279_5998760873754922070_n.jpgWhy does God take away our most treasured possessions? Does He mean to harm us? On the contrary, He awaits us. It is into His embrace we are welcomed to rest, in infinite joy, when our earthly journey ends. It is by taking the things that tie us to life, from some slowly, from others more quickly, that He makes our journey towards Him easier. Bit by bit He empties us, so that He can totally and eternally fulfill us. Having perhaps lost our health, the beauty, energy and vigour of our youth, we stand in front of our Heavenly Father. In His loving arms we can rest, and receive infinitely more than we could ever possess here in our earthly life. 
Father Csaba,
translated by dr k.e.