Saturday 1 July 2017

b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Alapitvany_Hirek_19146099_1470717396322206_4275093095453183823_n.jpgFather Csaba’s reflection on the gospel ……
Saturday 1 July 2017
How simple it is to approach Jesus and speak to Him and how great it is to hear the Master’s voice :‘I will come and cure him.’There is no waffling, beating about the bush , alluding to kickbacks, bribery, , nothing , Jesus does not  allude to tiredness, a lot of work but simply gets the message and is ready, willing to leave to help this unknown , simple servant !
Lets think about it if somebody asks us a favour how willing are we to “hear” it? Am I approachable do people dare to come to me and dare to tell me their problems, complaints , requests ? Did I ever do unselfishly or am I doing good for my fellow human beings , if the features of our Lord , to be ready to help are always readily visible on my face as well ? I am a person born in the image and likeness of God, do I put into practice the merciful charity or am I only capable of doing anything for money ??
With  love,
Father Csaba
translated by dr k.e.
Picture: Bence is offering strawberries out of love…..
5 When he entered Capernaum, a centurion came to him, appealing to him 6and saying, ‘Lord, my servant is lying at home paralysed, in terrible distress.’ 7And he said to him, ‘I will come and cure him.’ 8The centurion answered, ‘Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but only speak the word, and my servant will be healed. 9For I also am a man under authority, with soldiers under me; and I say to one, “Go”, and he goes, and to another, “Come”, and he comes, and to my slave, “Do this”, and the slave does it.’ 10When Jesus heard him, he was amazed and said to those who followed him, ‘Truly I tell you, in no one* in Israel have I found such faith. 11I tell you, many will come from east and west and will eat with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven, 12while the heirs of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ 13And to the centurion Jesus said, ‘Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.’ And the servant was healed in that hour.
14 When Jesus entered Peter’s house, he saw his mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever; 15he touched her hand, and the fever left her, and she got up and began to serve him. 16That evening they brought to him many who were possessed by demons; and he cast out the spirits with a word, and cured all who were sick. 17This was to fulfil what had been spoken through the prophet Isaiah, ‘He took our infirmities and bore our diseases.’
Matthew 8, 5-17