We get further with love than with bickering…

b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Csaba_levelek_Vegyes_DSC_9142.JPGLets not try to convince people, who think differently from us , by trying to conquer them but  taking lovingly , with goodness the shining lantern, the dialogue of the gospel, the flame of brotherly love, humbly offering them the wisdom of the teaching experienced by us !
Christ sent us into this world to heal by our love and not so that we condemn each other ! We are not here to conquer the other but in peace, as good sisters and brothers we should be building the Kingdom of God ! Lets not waste our precious time  bickering ! 
I experienced it so many times that if lovingly I  admit to the other person that they are right ,let them make their own decision, have their own way and  humbly, with love enlightening them in the conversation, then very often my companion makes the right decision and in the end his is the glory , mine is the peacefulness and everybody can move on happily.
God gave us the commandment of love and not of judgement ! 
Father Csaba.
translated by dr k.e.