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To grow up to the dignity of the olympic games !

b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Alapitvany_Hirek_IMG_9683_2.jpgIn spite of  the fact , that what I also consider as a negative approach , defeatism, fear that won, I am still pleased that the responsible decision makers had the courage to give up for the time being, the dream of the olympic games ! I have to commend the wisdom of the country’s politicians , because , no matter how painful this decision is-and this is something everybody has to be aware of- the statesmen  decided by something of much greater value than the olympics, the unity, integrity of the nation !!

I profess with all wise men that raising the flag high victoriously by the countries greats  should not be in stadiums nowadays, but rather in our families, our villages , towns  where the positive thinking, the acceptance of life , cheerful, happy ,attitude of solidarity  should be victorious !! We do not have to defeat each other , however we have to convince everybody that by joining forces , diligent study, honest work we can stand on the highest step of the platform ! And should this be the case, then not a nice dream has disappeared but an even more beautiful dream was born!
Many are saying, blaring it’s not worthwhile studying, getting a degree, to start a family , to have a child, to start a business, to play  sport , to organize the olympics ! I would not like to  argue with them , but with a stubborn perseverance I am saying it is good to live, it is good to be good , to carry our tasks to victory ! Just as it is great in the hot summer to bathe in the crystal clear water of a mountain lake, or sitting in the shade to share a  cold beer with friends , it is just as good to dream with our eyes open, to make brave plans, even with bare bodies to tackle the walls holding back our progress , to conquer if need be with bare hands the bounds limiting our soaring !! It is much better to live, to fight , to conquer new worlds then sitting on the side bench and with blasé cynicism to comment on others! 
We only have one life ! I agree with the ancient Greeks who announced the olympic games , that the only goal worthy of mankind: surpass yourself ! As a Christian , paying attention to God  I know that at the dawn of creation, prior to the Fall our God only gave us one commandment : "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.”! This is why I believe that there is a greater goal than the olympics , to convince our young people to dare to live, dream, compete and win!  Struggling to compose a rhyming poem to a nice girl ,giving flowers ,  even from someone else’s garden , blushing , stuttering declaring their love , is good , amazing ! To start a family, give life to giggling , sweet children, raise them with enduring patience , to teach them nicely , patiently  all the values that are important to us , is a wonderful task worthy of mankind !  To make our children understand , that keeping one’s eyes open to learn about the secrets of the world, step by step roaming ,discovering every corner around it in one word to learn and through this to become wise is good !Lets get our contemporaries to understand that as for a hunter the game is not only food but also a trophy , the wise, enduring work does not only give us a living but also a joyous life , a gift , a blessing as well ! Yes, let your life be an answer to the worrying questions of humanity, your undertaking ! Trust in your Creator, who being a good teacher is not going to entrust you with tasks that exceed your strength , capability ! There is a solution , as good sisters and brothers progressing together , laughing, praying , working slowly we’ll grow up that the Carpathian basin will be our family’s home then for the delight of all of us we can stage the olympic games ! Because the Olympics is a celebration, the triumphant celebration of mankind conquering the world and itself fulfilled by love !!
With trust,
Father Csaba .
translated by dr k.e.