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Every era has its beauty….or the gifts of God…

b_300_300_16777215_00_images_stories_Szep_16113019_10207548363327934_5225279401170920948_o.jpgWinter is sparkling around us in its own splendour ! Everything within itself , in its  own way is nice, that is why it’s not possible and nor should  it   even be  allowed to compare creatures ! Our faith is teaching us that all that there is , is God’s precious creation , if He would not have loved HIS creations He would not have called them to life ! A Christian professes with faith , that everything in him and around him is a gift , beautiful , true and holy in itself and for this reason wisely, turns towards everybody with joyful respect.

God in His overabundant love , with the quick passage of time offers us His  children precious gifts , that we have to put our hands out for happily when it’s our turn !  Spring, summer , autumn , winter ,  all  present us with different kinds of beauty, happiness ! A wise man will reach out for that beauty, pick that treasure that His Creator will offer him there and then with care and wisdom! Since everything in its own way is beautiful, true, good and holy that is why every but everything in its own way holds joy and happiness for us , that is why every person who believes in God will always be happy ! 
I turned 58 years old ! Birth, childhood but even the mature manhood is God’s precious gift ! I believe that even as you get older the wise man can find  lots of joy on the calm, quiet waters of those years ! Even the irreversible mortality has its own sublime , majestic beauty ! I accompanied many people on their last journey and I saw that those people who consciously prepared for death are not afraid of the passing of their earthly existence , but in the knowledge, joy of work well-done , grasp  peacefully  the  outstretched, blessing  hand of their Creator and depart with trust from this world  ! 
The wise man travels his own course of life and sees everything in its own wondrous beauty and for this reason accepts everything with peace and joy and tries to gaze in wonderment  at everything and everybody , to understand the secrets , the connections, the relevance so that with the love of a lesser brother in his own way could help in their development! Lets learn to accept lovingly all what during the passage of time  God offers us with caring goodness, wisely  as an opportunity ! Even though we were born only from a fistful of dust , yet we can still be companions of God in the  wondrous work of the further creation of our world ! There where I was given to live , in the flitting away todays trustingly  grab  the opportunities , lets dress in the cloak of the wedding feast of mercy and love and lets rejoice in everything with which our heavenly Father with infinite love, graciously  hosts us.
My heart filled with gratitude,
Father Csaba 
translated by dr k.e.