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Read more: Good question…How did the world ever get into a situation to “organise” another world war in the lounge rooms , towns of others?!

Many politicians and journalists were shedding tears of joy , that the Arab spring is here and well-well what became of it , a cruel winter ! Those weapon-manufacturers  who were providing the arms, the munitions by the tons , from the profit they made , are they going to help in the rebuilding as well ? The governments after these dreadful business deals from the raked in taxes could spend it on healing the wounds , after all it could be easily worked out what profit did they make on the deals, as in theory every bookkeeping even for states is official,  should be discernible !!!!

Read more: How true , relevant is this writing even today ten years on……Blessed Holy Spirit, I am insignificant, weak and powerless the tasks facing me are enormous . Around me storms are raging that are affecting nations . The evil spirit even though has no hand, tongue and yet it is still wreaking havoc. There is always someone who is willing to serve it, to give it his  hand, tongue, heart, mind so it can harm, injure and laughing at all of us can destroy us. It can incite people, nations , people coming from different culture against each other. Taking advantage of our faltering faith, weakened in Your Omnipotent Caring Goodness it is encouraging us to mistrust , be afraid of our brothers and to take away from others even that, what is theirs . Rousing the passions in a world of consumerism , that it is no longer where we live but with our overstimulated lives,  we serve, enrich such people’s unimaginable wealth, whom we may not even let into our own abodes. We buy on credit, we get into debts for all sort of junk without even noticing it that we are building the culture of death around us . Man is no longer important, but the factories, the banks , the roads. Man is nothing but an instrument that carries out, executes , hands over , serves , every four years votes, goes to war , kills , pillages .

Read more: The Fraternity of the Holy Eucharist !My Lord , how often have You tried in our towns on Your knees crying , have You longed to gather us, your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings?,You came among us,You taught, encouraged us with Your words, by Your example to love God and our fellow human beings , You washed our feet lovingly and You died for us on the Cross ! Ever-since then how many times have You called us  and are You calling us to Yourself with mercy and love through so many wonderful miracles , the lives of your wonderful saints , reaching out to us through our conscience?! We received this enormous beautiful world as our home, we could live quietly , in paradise like peace , as good sisters and brothers , like members of a big family but we reject You and we tormented by an unhealthy hatred are at war with our brethren ! My Lord whichever way I look I can see that You have  provided us abundantly , we have everything we need that guided by Your love we could build such a country that could be a  sweet home for all us and yet we are tearing apart, we are at each other’s throat murdering one another ! 

Read more: To grow up to the dignity of the olympic games !In spite of  the fact , that what I also consider as a negative approach , defeatism, fear that won, I am still pleased that the responsible decision makers had the courage to give up for the time being, the dream of the olympic games ! I have to commend the wisdom of the country’s politicians , because , no matter how painful this decision is-and this is something everybody has to be aware of- the statesmen  decided by something of much greater value than the olympics, the unity, integrity of the nation !!

Read more: Every era has its beauty….or the gifts of God…Winter is sparkling around us in its own splendour ! Everything within itself , in its  own way is nice, that is why it’s not possible and nor should  it   even be  allowed to compare creatures ! Our faith is teaching us that all that there is , is God’s precious creation , if He would not have loved HIS creations He would not have called them to life ! A Christian professes with faith , that everything in him and around him is a gift , beautiful , true and holy in itself and for this reason wisely, turns towards everybody with joyful respect.

Read more: Father Böjte Csaba's thoughts on the dawn of a New Year…I admire our Lord Jesus Christ the way He comes down to earth and takes matters into His own hands. He does not send anybody else. So that while sitting on His heavenly throne with tired cynicism, He contemplates and comments on the struggles of mankind. He came among us and went against the tide of the world as it was then, the aggressive, greedy, lazy, pleasure-seeking idleness . He is looking for a way, He builds, He gathers companions, teaches them to be still, to turn inwards to pray, to discover the dreams that the heavenly Father engraved in our hearts and minds according to our desires.

Read more: THE JOY OF BEING ALIVE !!!!!Reflection for Advent!

We have to prepare from day to day so that we have a joyous feast but not only at Christmas time!

Read more: NicaraguaOne can attain enlightenment anywhere. In my opinion Nicaragua is there as nature intended , in the mountains , where trees are in abundance  the air is clean. Under no circumstances am I thinking of a hidden village in Tyrol , with colour television and sauna.